Solutions & Systems for Water Treatment

Everyone should have clean water. Regardless whether it is due to regulations or environmental concerns; Ozonetech treats water with premium solutions using turn-key technology with ozone or AOP, ensuring that your industry can enjoy purified water. The applications vary from highly efficient CIP-systems for breweries, dairy production & the pharmaceutical industry to treatment of BOD & COD levels in wastewater treatment. Additionally, pilot projects are a great alternative to ensure an optimal and tailored solution for treating even the most complex industrial wastewater. 

Pilot Projects for Water TreatmentTurn-key Ozone System RENA Vivo

Pilot Projects

RENA Vivo Ozone Systems



AOP System RENA VitroRENA Tellus Tailored Systems

RENA Vitro AOP System

RENA Tellus Tailored Systems

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