Ozone Destruction System - Contra

We know that ozone is a very powerful molecule, useful for many applications both in air and water treatment. However, high concentration of ozone may still be present after the treatment, requiring an ozone destruction. We have developed an innovative solution for destroying high loads of ozone: the Contra Ozone Destruction solution.

Residual high concentration of ozone may be left in water application, after the injection in the water phase. Even if we use cutting-edge technologies for maximizing the dissolution in water, some ozone still remains undissolved. The Contra is perfect for large water applications where a high amount of ozone is used. High ozone concentrations are also found in air applications such as sanitation of large volumes.

Solution layout

The Contra is a full solution for ozone destruction fixed on a pallet with standard EUR footprint. The system is composed by several parts, based on the request of the customer, as shown below.

Ozone destructor;

Ozone Destruction System - Contra

If the ozone stream is particularly humid, a demister will be installed with a purge valve for the condensate. The demister will remove water droplets present in oversaturated conditions. Since condensation must be avoided in the system, a heater will be installed for increasing the temperature by 10-15 °C, according to the recommendations for the material. The temperature before and after the heater will be monitored for regulating the power of the unit with a control panel. In addition, the system may include a pressure sensor for calculating the pressure drops over the bed. An ozone sensor can also be installed for continuously monitoring the outlet concentration. The system is completed with a fan for regulating the air flow rate. The set point of the air flow is continuously monitored and kept constant by adjusting the power of the fan with a control cabinet.

Based on the flow rate to treat, we developed four solutions for adapting to your needs.


Capacity max

Ozone concentration max

Contra – 50

50 m3/h

300 g/m3

Contra – 150

150 m3/h

300 g/m3

Contra – 300

300 m3/h

300 g/m3

Contra – 500

500 m3/h

300 g/m3

Ozone destruction material

The material used for the ozone destruction is a catalyst specifically designed for this purpose. It is the same material of our OD 100-5000 product series. The catalyst ensures an outlet ozone concentration of 0.1 ppm, regardless the inlet concentration. The material bed is encased in a 316 L stainless steel module, complete with fittings/connections and catalytic material. If necessary, the catalyst material can be easily replaced by opening the encasing module.

Note:  Humidity, dust, particles etc. may have a negative effect on the catalyst lifespan. Catalyst poisons such as sulfur compounds, NOx and hydrocarbons can cause irreversible damages of the catalyst.

Application areas


  • Effective ozone destruction below 0.1 ppm
  • Destruction independent from inlet concentration
  • Complete solution for broad range of streams
  • Small footprint: one standard EUR pallet
  • Robust solution with low maintenance needed
  • Modular design, flexible configuration
  • Long lifetime

Technical specifications

Ozone destruction solution specifications

Ozone air flow

0 – 50 m3/h  –  Contra – 50
0 – 150 m3/h – Contra – 150
0 – 300 m3/h – Contra – 300
0 – 500 m3/h – Contra – 500

Ozone out concentration

0.1 ppm


0 – 80 °C

Relative humidity

0 – 100 % RH

Catalyst encasing material

316 L stainless steel


List of components



Catalyst module

SS 316 L module for encasing the catalyst material. The module is designed for a user-friendly maintenance and replacement of the material, if necessary

Catalyst bed

Ozone destruction catalyst


Piping used connect the parts of the system together, as well as with the process stream. Different types of connections are available


Fan used for flowing the desired air flow rate

Control system

Control system for regulating the power of the fan, keeping a constant set point for the air flow rate


Optional accessories



F7-type filter

Filter to remove dust and particles going to the catalyst bed


Demister for removing water droplets


Heater to avoid water condensation in the catalyst material

Line ozone sensor

Sensor for a continuous monitor of ozone concentration at the system outlet

Ambient ozone sensor

Sensor for a continuous monitor of ozone concentration in the surrounding ambient

Pressure sensor

Sensor for checking the pressure drops over the catalytic bed


For more information regarding our smaller units for ozone destruction, please check our Ozone Destructors product page.

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