Off-shore Ozone Treatment

Off-shore ozone application

Due to their geographically isolated oil and gas platforms, the off-shore industry faces the need implement and sustain maintanance-free machinery, reliable operations and minimal production down-time. These key factors can be compromized by unforeseen microbial out-breaks, corrosion of pipes and other process equipment, as well as environmentally hazardous emissions. Ozone technology can play an integral role in managing the risks of sudden productions halts in the off-shore industry. One issue that must not be overlooked is the safety and health of the oil platform staff.

Corrosion control using ozone

One the major maintenance issues facing the off-shore industry is the corrosion problems of the piping systems in closed water circuits such as cooling systems. The major cause of these problems is the growth of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB). SRB convert sulphate to sulfite and hydrogon sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide cause severe corrosive attacks on pipes which require heavy maintenance and potentially loss in production.

Avoid pipe corrossion with ozone technology

Typically, these problems are counteracted by dosing large volumes of disinfectants such as hypochlorite to prevent the growth of SRB. Ozone presents and alternative to chemicals with the following benefits to the business:

  • 10-50 times more effective against the proliferation of SRB
  • Does not cause accumulation of residual chemicals. Ozone breaks down naturally into its natural component - oxygen.
  • Eliminates chemical handling or transportation to the oil rig. Ozone is produced in-situ using oxygen as the only raw material.
  • Reduces the need for corrosion inhibitors.
  • Due to residual free environment, water bleed-off can be reduced by at least 90%.
  • Low maintenance. Our systems have few mechanical parts and infrequent service needs.

More information about corrosion control in cooling systems and cooling towers can be found at our application page - click here for more information! Typically our RENA Vivo B or C series ozone system should be considered for the off-shore industry.

Legionella management

Legionella management is a key process in order to prevent sudden infections by legionella microbes such as L. pneumophelia. Legionella outbreaks can occur unexpectedly due to stagnant or untreated water in various water systems. Careful monitoring of various bacteria must be done to prevent human environmental safety and health risks and production shut-down.

Legionella ozone prevention

Legionella outbreaks can occure in cooling systems, drinking water supply and other buffer tanks used at the oil platform. Ozone is a very effective legionella biocide which should be considered as a part of the risk management programs employed by the off-shore industry. As a disinfectant and sanitizing agent, ozone effectively oxidizes the cell walls of all miroorganisms like bacteria, algae, spores and protozoa. It is produced in the complete turn-key systems with performance monitoring and ozone production control. Please go to our RENA Vivo product page for more information. The general sanitation effects of ozone can be found at our disinfection application section of the website.

Ozone biofilm and scaling prevention

Over time, particles and biofilm may form in various closed water systems. As particles accumulate, microorganisms may find growth-enhancing surfaces. This may reduce heat exchanger efficiency and increase risk of infections. As the use of ozone in such closed water systems prevent both the growth of bacteria and the use of chemical sanitation agents, the overall scaling and biofilm effects can be significantly reduced, which will lead to the more maintenance-free operation.

In-situ ozone generation

Ozone generation uses only ambient air oxygen content, making it a by-product free and safe method to inactivate all types of microorganisms in the water systems.

Off-shore wastewater treatment

Not only can ozone technology be employed as an effective sanitation agent, with superior characteristics compared to traditional other chemicals, its oxidizing effects can be used to treat wastewater streams. This reduces the demand for on-site systems with high footprint or hauling of waste for external treatment. This will help the industry comply with local regulations for waste handling, treatment and emission requirements.

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